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Hosting a holiday party? Launching a new product? Having a store grand opening? Curating a VIP lounge experience? Celebrating a milestone? Researching a new office team lunch? We've got it covered with quality flavor. We would be honored to cater your next event from any one of our 12 T.I.C. branded restaurants. Learn more about what makes each restaurant unique, then let us know which flavors you want to make your event special.

Examples of ideas for a culinary collaboration with T.I.C.
• Custom cake designs and traditional Japanese desserts by Cha-an Teahouse
• Individual grab-and-go bento boxes by Kiosku and the Executive Chef at Sakagura
• Stacks of grilled rice burgers by Yonekichi
• A curated coffee journey by Hi-Collar
• Warm homemade katsu curry for everyone by Curry-Ya
• A branded sushi rice "cake" by Hasaki and Cha-An Teahouse
• Takoyaki and Taiyaki made to order by Otafuku x Medetai
• A sake tasting experience with Decibel and Sakagura